Gr of 3D Print Waste Collected


Used Filament Spool Collected


IDR of Cash Balance

Thank you for exchanging your 3D print waste!

We have launched Filagain BETA for Indonesian 3D print community which they can send their 3D print waste (and used spool from the filament itself) which we will then count, filter, and exchange with in-store cash balance for their next purchase from us!

Some photos of 3D print waste & used filament spool our BETA users sent to us. Around 83% of 3D print waste are sent separated by material & color by user, with PLA material took the lead of user's most used filament material (around 66%).

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How We Process 3D Print Waste & Empty Spool

All collected 3D print waste will be filtered according to material type & color, and later processed into plastic granules that can be used to create new plastic product like chairs, vase, jewelries, etc. We may even use the recycled plastic granules to create 3D print filaments in the future!

Meanwhile the collected empty filament spool will be sent back to 3D print filament manufacturer to roll another batch of filaments, essentially reducing the number of single-use plastic spool that usually discarded after the filament runs out!

Environmentally Sustainable
& More Affordable 3D Printing

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