Environmentally Sustainable & More Affordable 3D Printing

About Filagain

Filagain is an upcoming eCommerce platform for selling 3D print materials with integrated recycling platform that collect and process 3D print waste into plastic granules for our partners to create new plastic product like chair, vase or jewelries; and hopefully including new filament again.


With this recycling feature, not only 3D printing especially with exotic materials become more affordable, but also prevent more plastic waste from entering the landfill because it is almost impossible to sort plastic types and microplastic from 3D printing practices for proper recycling.

We are looking to test our idea by focusing on FDM material (3D print filament) first, and then progressing to materials for other 3D printer type like SLA & DLP resins, etc.

This platform currently in bootstrap stage; and we are looking to test the idea at least for some months to generate adequate samples, before we can pitch for investors funding and become an actual startup.


Filagain is currently run and founded by ibrahim Ahmad , a designer and 3D printer user from Indonesia.

P.S. I'm actually looking for potential co-founder and collaboration. If you have similar vision as this Filagain idea or perhaps you are within plastic/recycling industry, we could chat some time and share ideas :) See below for my email.

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Environmentally Sustainable
& More Affordable 3D Printing

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