We have launched Filagain BETA version to test this Filagain platform for limited users inside Indonesia only. See here for details >>

We sell 3D print filaments from various brands and let you exhange your 3D print waste into cash balance that can be used to purchase new filaments again!

Environmentally Sustainable

& More Affordable
3D Printing

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Please note this website is currently still in development and we are using Tokopedia for purchase transaction. See our real filament catalog here: www.tokopedia.com/filagain 

What is Filagain?

Filagain is an upcoming eCommerce platform that provide (FDM) 3D printer filament from various brands; and encourage a proper recycling of 3D print waste by letting 3D printer user to exchange their 3D print waste into Cash Balance to be used on their next purchase on Filagain.

How Filagain Works?

Each waste generated by 3D printing practice, whether it's 3D print waste from printing supports, bed adhesion, or empty filament spool; can be sent to us to be calculated into your cash balance.

The collected 3D print waste will be processed into plastic granules to create new high quality plastic products. Meanwhile empty filament spool will be distributed to 3D print filament manufacturer to be used on new filament production again.


What differs us from the regular filament sellers?

On every other 3D printing-related sellers out there, their operation mainly consist of either selling or reselling products especially because the online selling platform they use are limited to standard distributor activity.

With Filagain however, we are integrating recycling & reuse as part of our eCommerce model. Think of it like a combination of Amazon with Material Recovery Facility; or we Indonesians might call it Tokopedia with Bank Sampah.

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Filagain is currently under development and we are already launching Filagain BETA (see here), however we need more input from 3D printer users to address their 3D printing behavior and how to make Filagain  recycling ecosystem more efficient!

We understand and value your privacy, and we will keep all your info confidential.

Thank you for supporting our Filagain project!

Also, we have Instagram accounts where we publish updates of Filagain progress and other 3D printing related stuff. Check out our IG page @ filagain

Environmentally Sustainable
& More Affordable 3D Printing

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