We sell 3D print filaments and exchange your print waste & empty filament spool with Cash Balance that can be used to purchase new filaments from Filagain again!

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How Does It Work?

Filagain is a combination of an online store platform and plastic waste recycling facility.


Basically we sell 3D print filament from various brand/manufacturer and collect print waste from 3D printer users and recycle it into new products.

We are offering Filagain cash balance from every print waste our users send to us which then they can use to purchase new 3D print filament again from Filagain.

We already launched Filagain BETA to test the idea for 3D printer communities inside Indonesia only, more info below:


What Can You Buy with the Cash Balance?

You can use your Filagain Cash Balance to purchase basically any products from us, especially 3D print filaments.


Since this platform is not fully ready yet, we are currently using Tokopedia to handle purchase transaction and Whatsapp to communicate with our BETA users.

What differs Filagain from other filament seller?

Both Filagain and other seller/supplier distribute 3D print filament from manufacturer and sell it to customer. That's how we make money and keep the business running.

However, Filagain have "Cash Balance from Recycling" program where 3D print waste & empty spool we purchased from users will be processed into plastic granules and sell it to plastic product manufacturer; meanwhile the empty spool will be distributed back to 3D print filament manufacturer to roll another batch of 3D print filament.

In short, Filagain basically a supply chain with Bank Sampah / garbage bank feature. See how 3D print waste will be recycled by Filagain here:

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Filagain is currently under development and we are already launched Filagain BETA, however we need more input from 3D printer users to address their 3D printing behavior and how to make Filagain  recycling ecosystem more efficient.

We understand and value your privacy, and we will keep all your info confidential.

Thank you for supporting our Filagain project!

Also, we have Instagram accounts where we publish updates of Filagain progress and other 3D printing related stuff. Check out our IG page @ filagain